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Most Chinese clients have been selling on expert platforms the last years, however, the margins have not been great. At the same time the level of retail in China got higher, and the retail in Europe and US got more competitive.


The best way to make better profit margins is to create a good retail concept both in stores and e-shops. We call this Omni-retail concepts or online-offline retail.

Where in China, there are many opportunities and space for improvement, the West (Europe and USA) already has a very well established retail and e-shop culture.


Especially in Holland, there is a good network for E-commerce that ranges from very affordable up to very complex and long processes. In general, the prices for E-Commerce in Holland in combination with Orange Branding will be lower than in China.


Even with a good website and E-Commerce presence, often, we see companies with products that do not match their brand identity or have a brand identity that does not match their sales channels.


The value of branding in sales is to create a consistent brand story that matches the company, products and sales channels.


The higher the market (i.e. high-end), the more complex and intensive this process is.


We understand that companies are focusing on sales, and we can help them with this. We improve the brand, redesign the products, re-design the packaging and even can redesign the retail concept.


To be successful, you also need to redesign your company system, logistics and distribution, customer service, quality control, legal and administrative structures.


Especially for companies that want to set-up their retail and sales in the higher segment in Europe and US, we have successful retail concept cases and experiences.


We have a very good network and process on how to set-up a more profitable retail system outside China.


Retail design trends
  1. Introduce Sophistication
  2. Reinvent the Shopping Experience
  3. Integrate Brand Storytelling
  4. Use the Force of Social Media
  5. Shrink Physical Spaces
  6. Opt for a Pop-Up Shop
  7. Infuse the Shopping Experience with Technology
  8. Design for Your Demographics
  9. Incorporate Customer-Friendly Services
  10. Add Wayfinding to Your Flooring Design


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If you want to know more about DESIGN MANAGEMENT,
welcome to contact us.



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