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Video & Photography

To create and design a brand identity, we often require consistent photography and video to create a context, a positioning, and tell stories using captivating images that your customers can easily warm up to.


With social media, this becomes an increasingly popular but expensive way to tell stories. Since the budgets can be endless and the production costs are not always transparent.


ORANGE BRANDING has a dynamic solution that allows us to create the concept of the photoshoot directing and the video concept. This reduces the budget for production as we have already pre-agreed with the client what type of campaign or style we will shoot or film.


That way we can approach smaller and more specialized photographers and video makers that work closely with ORANGE BRANDING. As a creative branding agency, we are always coming up with innovative solutions to best serve our clients.



As our Chinese clients increasingly move their brands overseas, we create a huge benefit as we have a large network of photographers, video makers and editors.


First, the cost for excellent photography and video in China is often more expensive than in Europe. ORANGE BRANDING found that the shoot cost in China can be up to 10 times more expensive. In Holland, the USA and Europe there are many product and lifestyle photographers with professional experience and understanding of how to work closely with ORANGE BRANDING.


Secondly, to create a “Western Lifestyle” for Europe or the USA, photoshoots should be with models from that area. If the face does not match the brand and the expectation of the end-consumer, the campaign is doomed to fail. The benefit of ORANGE BRANDING is we are an Amsterdam based branding agency, with a large multi-cultural society providing easy access to great models matching the brand.



Orange branding partners have created two online solutions and one managed account solution


Online offer

  • Load your content or select content and edit online yourself
  • Get help online of a US-based editor and use the software to co-edit


Managed accounts offer

  • Create the final strategy based on the Orange Branding video guide
  • Plan and budget the content shooting
  • Edit with our top team into various clips and story lines

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If you want to know more about MARKETING ACTIVATION,
welcome to contact us.



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