Solar power in cambodia

In 2011, we started two main projects for a social enterprise called Kamworks in Phnom Penh Cambodia. One project was about the repositioning and rebranding of the identity of the social enterprise and her mission. A second project was the implementation of Solar Home System (SHS) in 12,000 households in Cambodia as part of a World Bank program with the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) under the Ministry of Energy





Trademap 10x Growth

For the xiamen based digital platform trademap, we created a new business strategy and guided the client with a new identity and the activation of the brand.

Kamworks Solar Lighting

For Cambodia, we reviewed the possibilities for optimizing solar light systems. The project was full engineering and optimization of the design, detailing technical aspects.


Colombian Dance Event

Together with the embassy of Colombia, we developed a proposition presentation deck for partners like Mercedes Benz, real estate developers, luxury brands and media.


Phoenix Design Salon

For phoenix, we created a presentation for designers during an event in Guangzhou at the tit creative park.


Mobike Guangzhou Event

We were part of a campaign for mobike on how different people use mobike bicycles in Guangzhou.


Chinashop Tradefair

Ob was invited by china shop to provide a lecture on how branding can be relevant for chinese retailers