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I founded my first design agency in 1990 as a graffiti artist getting paid for commercial projects. During university, I realized the internet was the next big thing, but that technology would change so fast. So that I should find a niche that was based on knowledge that would not change 180 degrees when a technology became obsolete. That was web usability and consumer research.
In 1999, Amazuro was established as strategy (thinking) and design (doing) SME in Amsterdam. We focused in 2003 on new technologies that would enable innovations and where design would make the benefits more clear for consumers.

However, China came back more often, especially after my year 2000 round trip through China. And on April 2005, we lived permanently in China.
The idea was to create designs and products for Western clients in China based on capabilities of our production partners. Ask4me grew fast till the crisis in 2008. We realized that China would be a better market, and we started Orange Creatives. Especially as the demand for product design grew amongst OEMs.

During the years, Chinese clients seemed lost. And in order to guide them and give clients a product strategy, I realized that we were giving free brand strategy consultancy.


Orange Branding was founded in 2014, as a spin-off from our design company Orange Creatives, which we started back in 2005.

My idea was that 80% of the 3 million Chinese manufacturer wouldn’t survive, however the lasting 20% would build the future based for the Chinese LVMH, Nikes, Apples, etc. and they would do that by dominating global branded ecommerce sales where Amazon would be the enabler.

I should have called our agency Amazon Branding, and sell the domain and trade name to Jeff Bezos. But we masked it as “Orange Branding”, also am from Holland, and Orange is our national colour, additionally Orange in Chinese signifies creativity…

Orange Branding would help Chinese factories to transition from OEM to E-Brand via a method we called: Branded Cross-border Ecommerce where we take a fee and take a small equity, with the hope that:
(1) they become huge and we grow by monetizing our shares
(2) A big PE fund would become our financial partner and we leverage our share by investing in the E-Brand with a majority outside China.


Being in China since 2005, living and working would enable us to understand China better than any other foreign agencies or investors. And so much has changed since then, I can’t even list all the changes.

However, we missed on element: Technology. So, we revamped an old company idea called Amazuro. But Amazuro sounds terrible in Chinese. So we went with Orange Branding Online.

We are now a new type of agency: Platform Agency, as we work with creative agencies and marketing and branding technology services that are exclusively accessible via our Chinese platform.

We offer three types of service levels:
1. Managed accounts for clients that don’t have the staff and expertise
2. Branding as a Service, or Brand-tech and Mar-Tech modules for teams that want to manage their own solutions
3. While Label solutions for solution partners

Within our platform agency (managed accounts and Branding as a Service)
1) BRANDING: Brand Strategy and Big Idea Creation,
2) RESEARCH: Brand and Consumer Research,
3) DESIGN: Brand Design and Design Management,
4) MARCOM: Digital Marketing Planning and Strategy,
5) BRANDED CONTENT: Content Creation and Digital distribution and publishing
6) SOCIAL: Social Marketing Activation, Programmatic and Influencer Marketing
7) DATA: Execution, Data Analytics.
8) SALES: Market channel expansion (multiple ecommerce channels and offline)


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