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Innovation demands new thinking, approach and strategy; without a roadmap, it is very easy to misplace your priorities and goals to keep you on track for success innovation.


Therefore, innovation roadmap is a visual depiction of the actions you need to take to achieve a strategic goal during the innovation process. It is a very useful tool that can be used to create new products, services or business models over time. We can help streamline your innovation by drawing up a personalized roadmap for your business.


Our process

  1. We determine the innovation goal the client wants to achieve for their business
  2. We identify and analyse the barriers we might encounter during the process
  3. We establish certain factors and conditions that can facilitate success and a reasonable timeline of achieving it.
  4. Then we build the visual roadmap laying out various phases, roles and strategies for easy communication
  5. We share the roadmap with the team and make sure each person understands his/her roles to ensure successful implementation
  6. Finally, we get started on implementing while tracking our progress until we are certain the roadmap is complete and ready for use.


Our experts are the best at what they do and they can help speed up your innovation. Contact us for more details.


How we use Innovation Roadmap

While many people argue that innovation comes after the branding, we believe that creating an innovation roadmap during the branding has benefits:

  • Early understanding of the role of innovation in your company
  • Familiarity with the types and tactics of innovation
  • Set-out categories of ideas, wishes, requirements, essential innovation tactics
  • Review a wider range of future brand, business and product tactics in an early stage, instead of overlooking opportunities
  • Align expectations of your team with the branding and design team
  • Discuss and foresee budgets for sometimes great but expensive brand ideas


From all bigger projects we have conducted with our clients in Asia and Europe, we learned in an early stage that the ambitions of the team and the reality of the board decision are not always aligned. Therefore, the right brand execution goals were created and adjusted based on all decision makers and expectations of all levels.


We believe that innovation roadmaps are great tools used to align the teams of the company and match the expectations of the final decision makers. It also ensures that the design and strategy team of Orange Branding knows exactly what to execute for the short-term period while we consider feasible ideas, wishes and requirements for future growth and expansion.


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