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We mean here the right design disciplines that are required for a good E-Commerce strategy and implementation.


Since 1995, we develop and work on websites and IT programs. We have created web-based animations, evaluated multi Million Euro projects for the European Union and large Dutch Government institutes.


In the late 2000’s, we moved into E-commerce design and APP design for several clients, where we mainly focus on the concept design and Graphic design directions.


On demand of our clients, we additionally provide turn-key Brand website services, from concept, copy writing, photography, design, graphic design, programming, CMS development and hosting support to provide the client with the best customer experience.


By daily communication in WeChat with our clients, we help clients to generate relevant content and graphics.


With the fast development of E-Commerce and more complex social networks and internet differences between China and the West, we have now in-house foreign programmers that speak Chinese and work closely with the design team.


Since the new online consumer experience is content based, we merge this service as part of our brand strategy to create a balanced brand off line and online.


ORANGE BRANDING has a large network of developers in various levels of experience and budget. We don’t outsource but work closely with them to develop the required E-commerce strategy together with our client to develop the brand consistently and according plan and budget.

10 Principles

10 principles for ecommerce store design by

  • Principle 1. Consumers are on a journey
  • Principle 2. Each journey comprises multiple steps and the consumer needs to be in control of every step they take
  • Principle 3. The function of “UX”
  • Principle 4. Respect the fold
  • Principle 5. Let data do the decision-making
  • Principle 6. Apply best practice
  • Principle 7. Wireframes
  • Principle 8. Design “Consumer First” not “Mobile First”
  • Principle 9. Design experiences for intent-driven “micro-moments”
  • Pulling the 10 principles together:


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If you want to know more about DESIGN MANAGEMENT,
welcome to contact us.



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