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“Digital marketing” is basically any form of marketing that uses digital tools and channels. Digital marketing has been around for a long time now and it is the cornerstone of all your brand marketing as a BCE seller. That’s why it must be done the right way by a professional to maximize your returns.

Orange Branding go the extra mile to design all visuals for digital marketing for our clients. We have highly skilled visual designers and digital marketing specialists that have great understanding of the US and European market – putting your products right in the heart of your consumers.


Principles of Digital Marketing design
  1. Study your competitors
  2. Establish a connection with customers that keeps them coming back
  3. Make good content
  4. Be flexible or be broken
  5. Cultivate feelings with your brand to connect emotionally with customers
  6. Keep it simple, stupid
  7. Pay attention to your contact detail visibility
  8. Know your target market
  9. Be aesthetically pleasing


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Digital marketing trends
  1. Abstract Marketing Design
  2. Animations
  3. Interactive Marketing Design
  4. Muted Colors
  5. Serif and Heavy Fonts
  6. Shoppability


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Our deliverables range from clients but can include:

  • Website or commerce site design
  • Social media channels set-up (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Ecommerce platform set-up (Amazon Brands, Wayfair, Wall mart)
  • Mail Chimp or Klaviyo email template
  • Banners and display ads
  • Creative content: Images, videos
  • Graphics: infographics
  • Amazon campaigns: Prime day, Black Friday
  • TikTok templates
  • LinkedIn posts and blogs
  • Pinterest curation
  • Digital brand books and look books for e.g. Issue
  • SEO content


If you want to know more about DESIGN MANAGEMENT,
welcome to contact us.



We partner with innovative brands to create cutting-edge digital experiences.