Brand Strategy and Brand Development is in our DNA with Asian insights.


To predict future scenarios and anticipate challenges we this method…


Design is our core business; we have been active in design since 1999 in Amsterdam.

Confidence in design

In China, we noticed that design has various meanings and we have seen so many clients with design challenges.

Challenges of our Chinese clients range from:

  • Why western clients do not like our logo?
  • Why is our identity perceived as low-end?
  • How come my product offer looks scattered?
  • Why is my store not attractive?
  • How do I use design as a strategic management tools?
  • How I know which web-design my clients like?
  • Why is my packaging not attractive?
  • Why I can’t ask 6-8 times the OEM price, like competitors?


Role of Design

Often our clients do not use design as a strategic tool.
Designers are used when there is no budget left, no time left, and no one knows what the boss wants. Actually, many decision makers do not know what they want.
And designers often are lost inside company. They have no voice.


Our strength

Orange Branding has experience with hundreds of Chinese, Asian, American, European, Australian, African, Latin American clients.

We always focus on:

  • Creating a brand essence and define what we design on the brand.
  • Design as a strategic management tool
  • Design management: Control the process
  • Design Management: Manage our client and team
  • Process: design a process adapted to the clients’ results
  • Fast development times while delivering high quality
  • Designing what clients will buy, and convert sales
  • Proving our design is liked by clients using AI and A/B testing


Brand Design Deliverables

When you work with branding, design or advertising agencies you often hear new terms. This legend shows how our agency names our services and what are the deliverables in short.

The core reason we have so many services are:

  • Our inhouse teams in Guangzhou since 2005 and Shenzhen
  • Our international design masters in Jakarta and Amsterdam and the USA
  • Our strategic partners as member of CEBA has access to the best agencies
  • Our experience in China provides full services to our clients since 2012
  • Proven results in sales increase for our clients
  • Awards our clients won in China and internationally
  • Investments our clients received
  • Satisfied large brands and retailers in Germany, China, Indonesia


MIS – Mental Identity System/ Brand Essence

The strategic process of creating a unique brand DNA and brand story for our client and their new or current brand.


BIS – Brand Innovation Strategy

Before we design any creative work, we suggest our clients develop a basic innovation roadmap that plots the possible tactics we can use to build and activate the brand based on: Budget, Time, People.


VIS – Visual Identity System design

A logo is a visual mark that is linked to a brand name and trademark. Besides we create brand names, we also build full identity systems that are more than just a logo. We help our clients through a proven process to create an international identity.


CIS – Corporate Identity System design

Where a VIS mostly is used outside the company, a CIS is the internal branding inside the company. Employer branding helps companies to align teams to the brand and work with the same value proposition. It can also guide new talents to join your team.


PPIS – Products & Packaging Identity System

80% of clients sell a product, also our back ground for the last 20 years has been in product design, engineering, production.

We are strong in planning and designing unique product ranges for large and small sellers and retailers. Whether its 3 or 500 products and packagings, we create exciting brands through well-planned new product portfolio categories, product lines, product series and families. We also consider your current positioning whether this is budget, good, better, best, premium or luxury.


DMS – Design Management System:

Design management is both about managing design deliverables as well as setting up a design culture within the board of directors and the departments. Our deliverables are developing good User Interaction (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design for:

  • Product & Packaging
  • Digital and Online (web/app)
  • Ecommerce (Amazon / non-Amazon e.g. DTC)
  • Marketing Communication planning and execution, (paid/un-paid)
  • Content Creation (Photography & Video)
  • Retail Store & Exhibition


CJM – Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Journey Map is a visual map of every experience your customers might have with you online (e.g. Amazon and social) and offline (e.g. product and packaging). A CJM tells the story of your customer’s experience with your brand from the first engagement and into becoming a brand ambassador.


DIS – Digital Identity System

During your CJM, you will find that there are many ways your customers connect with you online, your site, your social channels, your e-shop, your email, your receipt, your online service, and when you grow on average 11+ channels and growing. So you want to make sure each channel has the right brand message for the right target group without being repetitive and boring.


SIS – Store Identity System and Retail design

Online is popular, but retail is not dead. Working with large and small retailers, we know the challenges. We use our inhouse team to collectively deliver cool, engaging, exciting or just relevant store concept designs for one store, pop-ups, shop-in-shop, Point of Sales (POS), and chain stores. We design floor planning, ideate adjacencies and VM, detail fixtures and communication, while keeping in mind time, quality, budget and what matters to you, from brand wall, façade, storage, reputation, or fame. We also provide blue prints so you can repeat your retail concepts to new places.


VM – Visual merchandising

Just a product won’t do in this time and age. Customers but also buyers and wholesalers want to see a store concept, either online or offline. Our idea of Visual merchandising is that a product is presented within a family, next to the right product categories to catch the eye of the buyer. For large retailers, we create exciting VM plans that engage consumers or an additional plan to their online strategy for increased efficiency and more results.


BMA – Brand & Marketing Activation (IMC-Integrated Market Communication)

BMA or IMC is the use of one or all channels for brands we have developed for our clients. For clients inside or outside China, we provide a strategy and develop creative work for:

  • ATL (above the line)
  • BTL (Below The Line)
  • TTL (Trough The Line)

All activations can be implemented by Orange Branding for social media channels, influencers, paid advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google), Amazon, non-Amazon, PR, Traditional Media (TV/Radio), DTC on page and off page SEO, ad campaigns, or traditional (offline) marketing like exhibitions/ tradeshows, print, sales teams, bill boards or event marketing.


BCE – Branded Cross-border Ecommerce™ system by OB ®

BCE is our unique method tested since 2015 to help Chinese producers and companies to create their online brand in a Fast, High Level, Affordable way. Orange Branding also wrote a book in Chinese and produced online course on this method to grow sales online.


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