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Orange Branding has been a member of the Design Management Institute in Boston (

Where Design Management is defined as:


“Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively-designed products, services, communications, environments, and brands that enhance our quality of life and provide organizational success.”


On a deeper level, design management seeks to link design, innovation, technology, management and customers to provide competitive advantages across the triple bottom line: economic, social/cultural, and environmental factors. It is the art and science of empowering design to enhance collaboration and synergy between “design” and “business” to improve design effectiveness.”


We see design management as follows:

  • Manage design projects for our client
  • Manage the process of design for our client
  • Manage design as a culture for our client


Whatever service matches your needs.


Orange Branding has experience since 2005 in providing these services in China.


Why would you need Design Management?

The question would be better, what if you don’t have design?

There are so many examples why design matters:

  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs, worked directly with the Chief Design Officer
  • When the Apple CDO left, Apple lost 9 bn US$ I stock value in one day
  • In (economic) downturns, companies with a design culture perform better

Apple’s share price fell by just over 1 per cent in early trading in New York, trimming $9bn from its market value


We recommend to read the books and articles of Brigitte Borja de Mozota.


Brigitte Borja de Mozota started her career in 1969 as a buyer in the Department Store chain “Au Printemps” and as an entrepreneur for an import company that specialized in distributing designer gifts and party goods. She believes that working with designers is what made her a better manager. Through that experience she was convinced of the importance of design in management and has made it her life’s goal to try to prove, convince, and share with people the “joy of working with designers.”



Orange Branding has been active in design since 1999. And our clients are from all continents.

Our design services range from brand design, product design, retail design, and digital design.


The strength of Orange Branding lies in the fact that we have three capabilities:

  • Strategy
  • Creation
  • Execution


Within our process, Design is a strong component. Our designs win awards, and convert to better sales. Both for Ecommerce and retail.


Design at orange Branding is used as a strategic tool to manage the brand. Hence, we are strong in product portfolio management, product strategy and managing the process of design: Design Management.


Our smallest client is 1 person, our biggest have 42,000 people.


We have designed for most industries.


This gives us insight across sales channels and provides innovation and learning from adjacent industries.


What we deliver:

All deliverables we provide are based on our Orange Branding Process. And our services are focused on Chinese companies that want to become a brand. Each step is coded with a few letters:

  • MIS – Mental Identity System/ Brand Essence
  • BIS – Brand Innovation Strategy
  • VIS – Visual Identity System design
  • CIS – Corporate Identity System design
  • PPIS – Products & Packaging Identity System
  • DMS – Design Management System:
  • CJM – Customer Journey Mapping
  • DIS – Digital Identity System
  • SIS – Store Identity System and Retail design
  • VM – Visual merchandising
  • BMA – Brand / Market Activation (IMC-Integrated Market Communication)
  • BCE – Branded Cross-border Ecommerce™ system by OB ®


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If you want to know more about DESIGN MANAGEMENT,
welcome to contact us.



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