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Visuals X Big Idea = Winning Strategy


A BRAND VISION in our opinion is:

  • a short-structured business model combined with
  • basic but strong visual elements.


These visual elements will explain the later design direction for all the complex brand design execution and strategies that go along with that.


It’s like a “Brand Prototype”, where the brand concept is visualized and tested.

At Orange Branding, a BRAND VISION helps to explain in words and images what strategic design direction and style we aim for.


It is essential that we focus on the final received version of visuals, e.g. the consumer’s ability to communicate the right value proposition and visualize the added-value.


This is not a full branding exercise; however some clients use this for a method we call light-branding. Where we only research and develop a few elements, to create the basics a brand should or could have.


Key Message

We need to identify who this receiver, e.g. a consumer or a business, is by the experience of the client and from our perspective at Orange Branding.

We always have it in mind that eventually there is a decision maker that pays for your product, that is often a person, like you and me.

So even B2B formulas, have to consider the end-user. This is related to the theory of B2B2C, see insights for more on that topic.



A good example of how a brand’s idea connects to the business and its end users is AirBnB:

You can say AirBnB is welcomed by renters (2C relation with AirBnB) and people who rent out (2B relation with AirBnB).


A good BRAND VISION is based on a well-researched rationale, and strong visual. This approach also gives you the opportunity to test if this is welcomed by both 2B and 2C decision makers.


Orange Branding has conducted in the past both:

  • Quantitative consumer research
  • Qualitative consumer research


In this time of fast ecommerce, we use A/B panels in the USA.


This has the following benefits:

  • Fast, within 48 hours VS 3-6 weeks
  • Affordable, 5-10$ per person VS 5,000 – 30,000 US$


The Essence

A well-written and visually designed BRAND VISION is the fundament for building up the final and full brand core concept, or brand essence. Creating a BRAND VISION with our clients, also brings all decision makers and teams on the same page.


When things are visualised and written, suddenly everyone starts to get the big idea behind the new brand, brand revitalization or brand repositioning project.

In order to create a decent BRAND VISION, we do need to formulate carefully the following items carefully:

  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Vision


If you want to know more about BRAND DEVELOPMENT,
welcome to contact us.



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