Founded in 2009, Zens is a Guangzhou based company in the tableware industry which aspired to sell their products internationally. They lacked a clear identity and brand story and, as a result, their brand wasn’t growing and gaining recognition.


Brand Strategy
Brand Design
Brand Activation

“Introducing the first time a premium Chinese tableware brand into Europe using Amsterdam as gateway”


We were asked to redesign their brand identity, the brand story, product line and commerce (retail, B2B, E-commerce). The aim of this was to expand the brand internationally, tailored for the discerning style tastes of Westerners.

” Zens wanted to grow, but lacked the experience and understanding necessary to reach their desired consumers in the West”


We analysed the market trends in Europe and America and developed a strong visual style, brand story and retail environment which directly matched the aspirations and motivations of their intended audience. Our prior experience in assisting Chinese brands globalise helped to predict and solve many of the legal, administration and trademark problems before they occured.
As a result of the successful rebranding project, we then continued working with Zens during their European roll-out as a brand management, marketing implementation and business development consultant. Zens now occupies a large segment of the premium teaware sales in Europe.

“Our new branding allowed us to partner with BMW to produce a custom range”


Zens is now a globally recognised teaware brand and, with their new targeted branding and brand story, have gone on to win multiple design awards from the top design institutions throughout Europe and America.

Duration : 1.8 months

Location : China, Europe

23% increase in sales

1-2 more stores opening in 2020


Intl. Tool Brand Upgrading

Outdoor Lighting Rebranding

Home Lighting Product Design



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